Discovery Management and Consulting

The Law Office of Carlos A. Baradat specializes in the following areas:

Why should you care about electronic discovery (e-Discovery)? Because judges and juries do.

With the prevalence of electronically-stored data and communications such as e-mail and social media, e-discovery is playing an increasingly important role in the outcome of litigation. Plaintiffs’ lawyers use it as a weapon and request sweeping, invasive information to intimidate their opponents. Responding to these requests is often time-consuming and expensive. The Law Office of Carlos A. Baradat, P.A. can help you make sense of all this electronic data and help move your case forward.

We guide our clients through every aspect of electronic discovery, from the identification and collection of documents to the analysis and production of electronic data and information. In managing e-discovery, we significantly narrow the scope of discoverable documents and information, and use cutting-edge technology that reduces the costs of compliance and disruption of operations.

We have a dedicated eDiscovery practice that advises clients on eDiscovery, data protection, information governance and document retention. We take a practical approach to eDiscovery, collaborating with clients to craft individualized solutions that recognize that one size does not fit all.

We pride ourselves on working closely with clients and trial counsel to build an effective eDiscovery approach that supports the larger litigation strategy. Often, that includes reducing the scope of overly broad discovery through negotiations and motions when necessary. By working closely and cooperatively with in-house counsel, IT professionals, third-party vendors and other law firms, we ensure an integrated litigation strategy that manages risk and helps win cases without undue business interruption.

The landscape of litigation has been changed by the amount of data now generated by businesses and the legal and technical frameworks that have emerged to address the problem. Ever-evolving legal requirements and ever-increasing volumes of data can overwhelm even the most intrepid in-house counsel. Clients need creative solutions and experienced advisors that understand how to leverage eDiscovery to resolve cases quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

  • Web-based legal hold software for issuing and tracking holds
  • End-to-end discovery project management from collection through trial
  • Targeted remote data collection and data tracking
  • Data processing and filtering
  • Creation and maintenance of customized document review databases in Relativity
  • Technology-enhanced document review capabilities including advanced analytics, concept grouping, email threading, and predictive coding
  • Managed review services with detailed reporting and tracking, utilizing highly qualified, cost-effective, staff and project attorneys
  • Document production in a variety of formats
  • Trial presentation technology and support

Even in cases where we are not primary litigation counsel, we can serve as Special Discovery Counsel or National Discovery Counsel to provide quality and consistent practices while reducing expenses. We also assist with automating and administering legal holds, conducting witness interviews, performing document collections, filtering, processing, data anonymization, hosting and analyzing data. We use some of the most advanced technology available for early case assessment, ESI filtering and processing, predictive coding, document review, metrics reporting and other tasks performed at high quality levels while minimizing costs.

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